Rebecca Black ends Justin Bieber's YouTube reign!

And to think, we'd never even heard of her in January.

As if we're still all talking about Rebecca Black and Friday. Well we are, and it is for that reason that she has pulled the YouTube crown right off Justin Bieber's perfectly groomed head. The Beebs usually gets around 112 million views per month on his channel but Rebecca Black beat him by about half a million views. Wowzers.

The channel hasn't actually succeeded for the right reasons though. It's not like we just couldn't get enough of the musical masterpiece that is Friday. It was more incredulity that led us to watch it over and over again. Even Rebecca herself admits it's not exactly Grammy worthy.
"Even for a person that doesn't like it, it's gonna be stuck in their head. That's the point of it." Please don't make this your main prerogative when coming up with the rest of your album. We still struggle not to hum Friday in our heads every time it's the end of the week. This isn't a good thing.

Who knew that one pretty poor song could change the world! Kind of.
Bet he's regretting endorsing her song now eh?! Click here to listen Friday!
Think Bieber will be annoyed by this? Are you surprised by her "success"? What do you think her album will be like?

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