Justin Bieber sings ‘Who Says’ by Selena Gomez in Malaysia

Justin Bieber took advantage of his concert in Malaysia and sang ‘Who Says’ by Selena Gomez,which divided his fans.On one hand,those who understood it as a tribute.On the other hand,those who were disappointed after having requested the repetition of some of his well known songs.
After passing through Europe,Justin Bieber continues his world tour. Therefore and taking advantage of his performance in Malaysia,the singer wanted to promote his girlfriend,Selena Gomez,on Asian soil. Although at the end of the concert there were many fans calling for the singer to repeate some of his best known songs,like “Somebody to Love “,the Canadian opted to sing the song ‘Whoy Says.”
Some followers,excited,did not hesitate to videotape how Justin Bieber paid tribute to his girlfriend from the stage singing her latest song.Others, however,showed their displeasure,leaving the place divided between those who applauded and those who booed. Nevertheless,Justin Bieber halfway reconsidered and finally offered his fans ‘Baby’ ,the song with which he ended his performance in Malaysia.
Now,Justin Bieber has arrived to Australia,where he will sustain seven performances across the country.Surely in some of them he will be accompanied by Selena Gomez,whom he met two days in Malaysia.In Indonesia,the singer and his girlfriend were photographed together after weeks without appearing in the press.

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