The Biebs Is Nominated For A CMT Award

justin-bieber-cmt-awards.jpg What in the 10-gallon-hat-spurs-and-boots-tumbleweed hell? How did this happen?!
The nominees for the 2011 CMT Music Awards are out, and while Taylor Swift is in the lead with three nominations (as she should be), there is one person on the roster that no one expected to be there - Justin Bieber.
Now, if you are a Biebliever, this comes as no surprise to you, but the rest of you, let us assure you that the Biebs is qualified to be nominated. Not too long ago, he recorded a collaboration with Rascal Flatts on the reworked version of That Should Be Me. The CMT voters thought the video was so good, they nominated it in the Collaborative Video of the Year category.
Or, you know, they figured out that putting Justin's face up for 5 minutes on any award show will double their ratings.
Congrats, JB! Make room for it in the trophy case!

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