Justin Bieber joins Barack Obama in Time 100 list

The Time 100 list has been released and once again it contains a mixture of everyone from US President Barack Obama to Canadian teen sensation Justin Bieber.
The magazine has listed who they consider to be the top 100 influential people in the world and names from all walks of life have been included in the eclectic list.
There are no surprises that Facebook creator Mark Zukerberg is in the list however other names have been met with a little confusion as commentators struggle to even identify who they are – which seems strange considering they are supposed to be one of the top 100 influential people on the globe.
Popstar Bruno Mars and Korean singer Rain have topped the polls this year as well as actress Blake Lively and Belgian tennis player Kim Clijsters.
Radhika Jones, the Assistant Managing Editor of Time, said: “The Time 100 are artists, activists, reformers and researchers, heads of state and captains of industry. Their ideas spark dialogue and sometimes even revolution.”
Within the published list there are small pieces of editorial to accompany some of the entries written by contributors to the magazine. Arnold Schwarzenegger writes about David Cameron while Jackie Collins wrote about Prince William and Kate Middleton.

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