Justin Bieber Makes Million in Israel

Although Justin Bieber only drew half of the expected crowd numbers last week in Israel for his music, Bieber still earned a big paycheck in Tel Aviv after walking away with $1 million for the night. In a report from Hollywood Reporter, Justin Bieber made a cool million for his 90 minute set in Israel last week. Israeli promoter Shuki Weiss revealed that despite how Justin Bieber performed to a crowd of 17,000 in a venue that was expected to attract 35,000, Bieber still earned $1 million but wasn't marketed properly. “They overpaid and did not market it right," said Weiss, "I think it's important for every artist to come to Israel, but you need to know your crowd."
As reported by HR, Justin Bieber isn't the first to have a good payday in Israel after Roger Waters made $2.5 million for a concert in 2006.

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