Times Magazine Says Justin Bieber One of World's Most Influential

Justin Bieber: Time Magazine 100 Most Influential
Justin Bieber: Time Magazine 100 Most Influential
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Times Magazine, rather highbrow compared to, say, Tiger Beat, has named Justin Bieber one of the world's most influential people. Fine by Bieber.

On Thursday, April 22 the prestigious Time Magazine named it's 2011 list of the world's 100 Most Influential People. This is, obviously, not a list the most of us can ever expect to be included upon. U.S. President Barack Obama is there, Oprah Winfrey and so is Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg.
And along with all those highfalutin folks is none other than a 17-year-old singer from Canada, Justin Drew Bieber. It's not a list that lists people from top to bottom, 1 to 100, but rather in category, so Bieber is there in the arts and entertainment category along with the likes of Winfrey, Chris Colfer of Glee, Amy Poehler, Blake Lively, Bruno Mars and Colin Firth.

Justin Bieber Says Charlie Sheen Should be First on List

Bieber himself commented on being named to the list and the young singer's remark was characteristically a humble one with a dose of humor. He said that he felt the number one on the list should be someone who is, if not influential, certainly getting himself a lot of attention right now.
"Has got to be Charlie Sheen. He's got a million followers in one day on twitter," Bieber, who has 9 million twitter followers, told Time Magazine when asked about who he thought might be influential. "I've never seen that happen before. Plus, he's got tiger blood, and he's always winning."
That remark came courtesy Time magazine and a number of online websites and initially was all Bieber, on his My World tour in Asia and soon to head to Australia, said about being on the Top 100 Most Influential list and his twitter page didn't have a remark on it.

Bieber Influence: Never Say Never

His influence is not just through music but the way he conducts himself and the charities he has become involved with, such as Pencils for Promise. Bieber is, as his (mostly) young fans are aware, someone who seems intent on giving back to the world that has given him a great deal, and he's on record as saying as much on many occasions.
Justin Bieber: Time Magazine 100 Most Influential - Photo by Worldofdreams JB

He and his movie, a 3D documentary, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, have inspired young people and making an impact is part of what gets people on the list. There are some very inspirational names on the list, such as Wael Ghonim, a leader in the movement for democracy in Egypt recently.
There will be a gala evening of celebration to those named on the list to be held in New York City on Tuesday, April 26. On that date, however, Bieber will be playing Brisbane, Australia.

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