At-a-glance - Never say Never

He went from a regular boy with a talent to a world sensation who everyone wants.
The movie, Justin Bieber, Never Say Never is about Justin’s rise to fame and how he got there. It is definitely a movie that girls from all over America rushed to go see.  The story of his life shows how he went from nothing to something and it was really all thanks to the Internet and You Tube.
The director and choreographer of the movie, Jon Chu leads the movie up to the days before Justin Bieber sold out Madison Square Garden in 22 minutes. There are different guest stars in the movie who perform or even inspire Justin Bieber, including Usher, Miley Cyrus, and Jaden Smith.
The movie itself is a documentary, but it is one that viewers would not regret seeing. When I went to see it in theaters, I have to admit that I wasn’t so sure about it, especially when I heard it was a documentary, but when I was watching it, my opinion on Justin Bieber actually grew fonder.  
The boy wonder went from being a regular Canadian boy to a Canadian boy who all the girls are in love with. The movie has a great lesson to it, which is to follow your dreams and believe in yourself, because if you really work at it, they can come true.
The movie is a 3D movie, and all the girls in the theaters were screaming when Bieber’s hand seemed tp run through the screen and was in arm’s length with the crowd’s.  It was, overall, movie with emotion and spirit that showed the 17 years of Justin’s life in less than 2 hours. It showed that you have to work hard to get to where you want to be in life.
I would rate this movie with 3.5 stars, because even though it was good, and had a lot of detail, it could have had a little more with more of Justin Beiber talking about how he got to be world famous and his reactions to all of it.
The people who Bieber works with in the movie seem pretty intimidating, especially his vocal coach who seemed pretty fierce, but in a good way always wanting Justin to go far. She was harsh but only because she wants to see Justin go a long way and keep him healthy. 
This movie can connect with some of those children out there that want to be something but think that they cannot do it, because no one knows they cannot do something until they actually try hard and work at it, and give it all they have. “Believing is seeing, but seeing is believing.”
In this film, viewers can tell how much Bieber is committed to his jobs and his fans and how he hates to let them down.  He is an inspiration and inspires all of his fans to follow their dreams. He is one to really know that dreams can come true.

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