Justin Bieber Sings With Joel Madden From Good Charlotte

Justin Bieber
Good Charlotte rocker Joel Madden joined Justin Bieber on stage for a quick performance of Good Charlotte’s hit “Dance Floor Anthem”. Some people caught it all on video for those were not there for the show. You will find a video of it at the bottom of this post.
I am not much of a fan of Justin’s music, but you pretty much know that by now.I do feel bad for Joel, yet I know that he was having fun with Justin. I suppose that he did okay, yet I am still not a fan of the Biebs music by himself
What do you think about their performance together? Are you a fan of either one of them? Have you even heard the original version of the song? I am and have been a huge fan of Good Charlotte for more than five years now. So it is hard for me to hear others singing a song by a band that I have been a long time fan of.

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