Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Split Up?

“Selena Cools Bieber Fever,” reads a headline from the National Enquirer, which last week wrongly claimed that “Justin Bieber is caught up in a teeny-bopper love triangle” with girlfriend Selena Gomez and Jasmine Villegas, the star of his “Baby” music video.
According to the tab’s latest offering, thanks to its story about Bieber’s two-timing, Gomez has now “dumped” him.
A so-called “insider” tells the Enquirer, “Selena was heartbroken. She confronted Justin, and at first he denied it but then came clean. She told him their romance was over, but she was willing to stay friends.”
Then, in classic Enquirer style, the supermarket rag adds, “Although Selena has bounced Bieber, she’s left the door open for reconciliation.”
That’s the tabloid’s way of saying it can’t back up its bogus story, and so the next time people see the young couple together again, it’s because there was a “reconciliation.”
First, Bieber was NEVER in a “love triangle.”
Still, Gossip Cop investigated, and Bieber was NOT “dumped” or “bounced.”
The two are still together, only Bieber is currently in Europe on tour and Gomez is stateside preparing for her own shows which begin in May.

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