Dancing With The Stars: Justin Bieber to be next teen celebrity on DWTS?


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Dancing With The Stars!
Rumors swirl Justin Bieber to be the next teen celebrity on DWTS?
[Apr. 10]
Romeo, rapper and current celebrity dancer on Dancing with the Stars with partner Chelsea Hightower, has said he’s got a big surprise in store for Justin Bieber fans. Romeo is encouraging voters to keep him in the running for the Dancing with the Stars for season finale surprise featuring Justin Bieber. If he competes, chances are he would be even more likely to make the top three than former teen celebrity Bristol Palin.
Romeo tells Hollywood Life:
“All the Justin Bieber fans, y’all can vote for me as well. If you all keep voting for me I’ll have a surprise, something with Justin. I can’t really tell but if I make it to the finale, it’ll be a great surprise for Bieber fans,”
He has some other advice for voters as well. Romeo says Justin Bieber would have no problem getting votes on Dancing with the Stars, as popular as he already is, and the Biebs already has some dance moves lined up, but Romeo confesses that ballroom dancing is not nearly as easy as it may look, and it’s a far cry from the kind of on-stage crooning the singer and teen heartthrob is accustomed to. Eyelash batting and hair flipping (what left the Biebs has of it) won’t cut it on DWTS.
Nevertheless, Gen Me star celeb Justin Bieber and the charismatic rapper Romeo have worked together before. A remix of “Baby” by Justin Bieber features Romeo. And Romeo feels confident that whatever he has in store for Bieber fans on the finale of DWTS is sure to please. Is it all a bunch of hype, or do Romeo and the Biebs really have something in the works? NeonLimelight.com shows Romeo and the Biebs playing celebrity basketball together a few months ago. Maybe the two worked something out.
But is it fair for Romeo to be hyping his own routine on DWTS by hinting at a performance by Justin Bieber? Romeo has not hinted at what kind of surprise the finale might take on, nor has he suggested the network is on board. It may be that Romeo is using the Biebs to pad his own votes. Some think so.
Rachel Watkins on Gather.com questioned:
Is it really fair to the other Dancing With The Stars contestants for Romeo, 21, to pull out promises like this one in an effort to last longer in the competition?
Of course, the Mirror Ball Trophy rarely goes to the best ballroom dancer, as DWTS can be a bit of a popularity contest. But, Romeo should foxtrot to the finale based on his own fan base, not with the “help” of Justin Bieber’s.
That said, hopefully he’ll make it there with or without Beliebers, as it would be interesting to see what the “great surprise” is.
Will you be watching Romeo to see if he can pull it off and make it to the finale of Dancing with the Stars? Stay tuned to this site for more information.
Meanwhile, watch Dancing with the Stars on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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