Rebecca Black Topples Justin Bieber in YouTube


During the end of year 2010, Google released their YouTube Zeitgeist, a chart of moments that defined YouTube in 2010.
YouTube Zeitgeist for 2010 includes viral videos that marked YouTube history, “Most Viewed Video of All Time” is the biggest title deed. It was Bieber vs. Gaga, the two artists duked out over who would have the most viewed video of all time. Justin’s “Baby” eventually reigned over Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”
Then, a question was asked. “Who will topple him next?The answer is Rebacca Black!
The phenomenal success of Rebecca Black for her “ Friday” has surpassed Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” According to RadarOnline, RB toppled JB for reaching 100 Million views in 63 days. Justin Bieber took 67 days to get it.
Justin Bieber’s “Baby” is still the no #1 most discussed and most viewed video of all time, the video was released Feb 10, 2010 and has now reached over 500 Million views. Rebecca Black’s Friday is far from Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at this point. But most probably Rebecca Black will get the crown for the Most Viewed Video this year.

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