Rebecca Black Repeats Interest in Justin Bieber; Adds Selena Gomez

Just in case you missed it the first time, Rebecca Black really likes Justin Bieber. She’s also is still very interested in doing a collaboration with the Canadian superstar, and while Beliebers might be offended by comparisons made between her and the Biebster, Rebecca puts a more optimistic spin on in.
“I love Justin Bieber,” Rebecca recently told E! News, “so it is like the biggest compliment I’ve ever gotten I think, so, it’s so cool.”
While I’m not a fan of Black’s Friday, I do respect her for realizing she’s a newbie in the world of music, and she’s more than willing to let Justin call the shots if her dream team-up does occur. When asked about the type of music she’d like to sing with Justin, Rebecca responded, “I would leave that up to him. He’s had more experience than I’ve had, so that’s his choice.”
Although no talk of a collab was mentioned, Rebecca also pointed out another star she admires, “I love Selena Gomez. She’s been in the industry since she was so young, and she hasn’t gotten caught up in all of the rehab or drugs or whatever.”
It’s probably fitting that Black tossed out Selena’s name, since both of them have experience with death threats from people who are just a little bit too passionate about the celebs in the music industry. While she’s new to the spotlight, Rebecca seems to be taking it calmly, “It doesn’t scare me. They’re people that don’t know me. They’d have to do a lot to get a hold of me and I have a really good support team and a lot of protection going on, so I think I’m good.”
It seems like Rebecca is getting pretty busy with all the offers rolling in from Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, and Good Morning America, but some of her latest tweets indicate that she’s not too busy to work on new music.
“Get ready for some SMASHIN’ beats comin’ your way from yours truly!(; Don’t worry. No weekdays OR weekends this time. GET READY WORLD!!<3
Also get ready to hear what I actually sound like…without a ton of autotune.(:
In the studio recording some new tracks right now! It’s sounding really good(:”
At least it doesn’t look like Friday is going to have Saturday as a follow-up. Are you ready for more from Rebecca Black?
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