Lesbian women love teen celebrity Justin Bieber?

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Lesbian women love teen celebrity Justin Bieber?
[Apr. 11]  Dani Shay (22), allegedly a lesbian folk singer, has made a hit YouTube video.  You’re probably asking yourself, why do I care what she’s doing?  This young woman made a parody video of singer Justin Bieber, music prodigy of Usher Raymond, R&B singer!  After hearing she looked like the hair flipping pop singer, she jumped on YouTube and shared an acoustic video titled ‘What the Hell’.
Watching the video, you get the eerie feeling that the Biebs, currently boy-toy to Disney Channel princess Selena Gomez, has transformed himself into a girl!  Check it out here.
Bieber fever has obviously hit the tween population of the world, reaching as far as Japan! But now, it seems to be impacting the lesbian community as well?

Dani Shay starts out her song by talking about people telling her she looks like the Biebs with her hair flip and cool voice.  Shay actually states at one point that the Never Say Never singer is her ‘mini-me’ version!  The video is a hilarious take on how she would like more attention for her own music instead of always having to hear how great the Biebs music is!

Two memorable lines from the Justin Bieber parody song include the lyrics:
“Shake me till you wake me from this bad dream….”
“Sing ‘Baby’, but aren’t my songs good too?”

Watch Dani Shay singing her Justin Bieber song in her YouTube video here.

Justin Bieber is currently on his Never Say Never world tour.  A fan favorite, he regularly makes it a point to tweet out love to them on Twitter!  Green celebrity all the way, the Biebs makes time for charity work.  Charitable foundations supported by Justin include Pencils of Promise, Jumpstart, and Give Back Hollywood. The Jumpstart charity is similar to the Headstart program in that it pairs college students with younger students to help them grasp early literacy skills.  This charity is also supported by rap star and actor L.L. Cool J and actor Vince Vaughn.
After watching the video for Dani Shay’s song on YouTube, what do you think?

How does Dani Shay do in her song? Could she pose a threat to the Biebs as the next musical sensation?

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