Justin Bieber Shows Off His Soccer Skills in New Video

Justin Bieber Shows Off His Soccer Skills in New Video

We know Justin Bieber can skateboard, play basketball and even perform stunts like the best of them, but now the pop star is showing the world that he's got some serious soccer skills, too.

On Friday, the 17-year-old tweeted a link to a video along with a simple message. "Career change," he wrote. But don't worry, Beliebers. While Justin shows off his fancy footwork, his "lol jk" note with the video is a pretty clear indication that he won't be giving up his singing career for the sport anytime soon.
The video is set up as a mock movie trailer for 'The Next Pele,' saying: "In the life of every champion / There comes a moment of truth / Heroes will rise / Stars will fall." We see a montage of Justin on the field in turquoise gear, scoring goals left and right.

Last week, the teen star played soccer with the FC Barcelona soccer team at their training complex in Spain. "Sorry i have been away but been playing alot of futbol and shows...and just seeing everything," he tweeted. "I LOVE SPAIN!"

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