JUSTIN BIEBER is A Red Hottie Hero in Berlin’s airport

JUSTIN BIEBER is all smiles in his bright red sweat top and matching red cap; Bieber must feel like an even bigger hero after saving his mother whose hair caught on fire this weekend! The teen sensation arrives at Berlin’s airport getting ready to take off after his gig!
full wenn9213868 JUSTIN BIEBER is A Red Hottie Hero in Berlin’s airport
Bieber tweeted that mommy, Pattie Mallette had the accident while on stage in Berlin after son Bieber brought out a cake to celebrate mommy’s birthday.
“[S]ick show in Berlin…brought @studiomama on stage 2 sing her happy bday but she lit her hair on fire with the candles. lol. i saved her (sic),” Bieber tweeted.
Mallette is going to tighten Justin’s pocket money allowance and his curfew for this one (that’s my thinking)
“Thank you all for your b-day wishes!! All I want is your prayers!! Thank u @justinbieber for the cake (& embarrassing me on stage lol). Xo (sic),” mommy Pattie tweeted.
They are such a sweet winning mommy and son team, aren’t they? Any Beliebers here? Tell us what do you love most about Justin besides his music? His hair, his hands in his pockets, his tight jeans??? All the girls love Justin sigh!

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