Fans make ado about Justin Bieber's new haircut

If you're walking the Earth these days, you pretty much know who Justin Bieber is. And that he's hot.
He's a teen idol. We've seen his ilk before. Young girls swoon, buy concert tickets, then scream. Some cry. They love him and his hair.
Call me bitter, but the boy, who turns 17 next week, has too much hair. Or he did until he showed off his dramatic new cut, much to the chagrin of his millions of fans.
He went from a down-sweep of bangs covering his forehead to a much more down-and-dirty rumpled bed-head look.
As news goes, it doesn't get any bigger than this. I mean, this is Justin Bieber's hair.
Because I have so little hair anymore, I'll confess to being a bit obsessed about what sits on the top of other people's heads.
Remember Rep. James Traficant, of Ohio, who was sent away to prison for taking bribes and racketeering? The one with all the hair?
I wasn't so intrigued about his wrongdoings as I was what the prison barber was going to do to that full head of hair. Was it even his? I never was close enough to determine.
And then there are the men who do the comb-over thing. A mystery for the ages. You know who I mean. The guy who has so little hair, he takes what little he has left, parts it down by the ear, then sweeps it across the top of his head until it reaches the other side. He then pats it down, giving him the "look" of hair on the top of his head.
To him, at least. He is fooling no one else.
Sometimes the part is so far down that it's back behind the ear. I have no idea how this upsweep actually is accomplished, but you've got to give these men some credit for effort.
Bieber fans aren't quite as forgiving. The blogs have been bubbling with hundreds of comments on the breaking haircut news for a couple of days now.
Shortly after he tweeted that he actually had gotten a haircut, 80,000 people unfollowed him on Twitter, leaving him with only 7,520,816 followers.
So it's not like he's being abandoned, if you were ever worried about such a thing, but no one likes to lose 80,000 friends in one clip. I certainly wouldn't.
The good news is the shorn Bieber hair is going to be auctioned off for charity.
The bad news is the teen idol looks a lot older now -- 14 at least.

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