Selena Gomez Reveals How She & Justin Bieber Keep Their Love Going!

Selena Gomez spoke with Viva magazine about how she “makes time” for the people she loves

Selena Gomez is excited to promote her new album which debuts on June 28 and she sat down with Viva magazine (via Nacion to chat about it. While speaking about her new music the singer also revealed how she and boyfriend Justin Bieber make their relationship work despite their busy schedules!
The interviewer asked Selena how she finds time to be with the people she loves, since she is juggling so much with her movies, TV series and music. Selena answered, “It’s very complicated, but you have to try [as hard as you can], and sometimes, there’s nothing left to do but make time.”
So sweet! Selena speaks with not only her words, but her actions. The 18-year-old star summer getaway plans with her man.
Selena also mentioned she will not be making a Wizards of Waverly Place movie and said she is “nervous” about her series ending, although she knows she has to move forward. Additionally she made a shoutout to her fans whom she calls “the best fans in the world”!

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