Justin Bieber meets his hero, 16-year-old Aussie `bully basher` Casey Heynes

Singer Justin Bieber arriving at BBC Live Lounge surrounded by his entourage.  Justin was being interviewed on Fearne Cotton show and was wrapped up warm against the cold and snowing weather - London, UK. - Splash News

Justin Bieber has told how he was bullied at school and declared himself a fan of Aussie 'bully basher' and fellow internet sensation Casey Heynes, even welcoming the 16-year-old on stage at his Melbourne concert.
Justin was even filmed talking to Casey backstage at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne before he invited him to introduce his song Never Say Never in front of 13,000 ecstatic fans on Monday night.
Back in March, Casey was filmed giving a bully a 'slam dunk' at his school as the bully continually hit and tormented him, egged on by his friends.
The clip of Casey's fightback was put online and has now been seen by millions worldwide, earning him a legion of fans.
Justin said he was inspired by Casey's story and paid for his fellow teen, dad Richard and sister Tiana to fly from their home in western Sydney to meet him in Melbourne, an event filmed by Aussie TV show, A Current Affair.
Justin told the TV show he was bullied at school because he was good at sports.
He said: 'It happened a lot for me.
'I always played sports and stuff and a lot of the times I'd be really good at something, so everyone wouldn't like me because I was good at it.
'They'd make fun of me and call me a show-off and stuff, but I liked playing sports and I was good at it.'

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