Justin Bieber confirms he'll play in Japan, manager tells crew to “man the f**k up”


Things were looking bad for Justin Bieber's Japanese fans yesterday: TMZ reported his stage crew were refusing to go to Japan because they're afraid for their health.
Justin's manager Scooter Braun had to hold a series of crisis talks as workers on the tour said they were worried about the risk of cancer since the recent nuclear disaster and thought there might be another earthquake.
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Justin Bieber departed Australia today (*cries*) and tweeted that he's definitely going to Japan.
and Im def going to JAPAN!! #supportJapan #citizenoftheworld #makeachange
Braun must have shaken the crew up with these words: "Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids."
Workers had retorted that Avril Lavigne and Slash had both canceled their concerts, to which Scooter told them that the government had given “the all clear” and it was safe to play the scheduled concerts in Tokyo and Osaka.
Do you think Justin's crew have a right to be freaked out or should they get over it?

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