Justin Bieber Cries On Stage Because He Loves His Fans So Much!

Justin Bieber broke down in tears while performing in Melbourne on May 2. His tears of happiness are for you, Beliebers!

It’s his concert, and he can cry if he wants to! Justin Bieber made his Melbourne fans go wild on Monday when he sang “Favorite Girl” on stage in the Australian city. He was so overwhelmed by his fans, the singer stopped performing and just looked around the crowd with tears in his eyes.
What do you think was going through Justin’s mind as he looked out at all of his loyal fans? He was obviously so genuinely moved that it brought him to tears. He even pulls out his earpiece so he can hear all of the Beliebers screaming for him! This is a much warmer reception than he received in Sydney.
This night was a special one for the Biebs. He brought Casey Heynes, the kid made famous when a video of him standing up to a bully went viral, on stage with him.
Justin is so fan-friendly and it’s touching to see him get so choked up with happiness over how far he’s come. It must be so surreal being up on a stage in Australia and having so many loyal fans cheering for you!
What do you think about Justin’s tears? Did they move you? Some people suggested he was crying because he missed Selena Gomez, but we think it was because of his fans, do you agree?

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