Justin Bieber dials wrong number while calling Chris Brown

Justin Bieber dials wrong number.

May 6, 2011 -- Justin Bieber wanted to wish his friend, singer Chris Brown, a Happy Birthday, but accidentally dialed the wrong number. Brown hadn't given Bieber his updated number so the "Baby" singer ended up speaking to one unsuspecting person.
Don't get too jealous ladies. Justin Bieber ended up speaking to an "old man" who didn't believe it was actually The Biebs on the phone. 'Call me cuz u programmed yr new number wrong in my phone. I was calling this old guy who didn't believe he was talking to me," Justin tweeted to Chris Brown, 22.
"Why can't Justin Bieber accidentally call me?" tweeted one fan, with many other "Beliebers" agreeing. "It's so unfair that the person Justin called was an old man. It could have at least been a fan," said another girl. What do you think about Justin's mix while trying to call Chris Brown? Would you believe it if a "wrong number" claimed to be Justin Bieber?

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