Justin Bieber, Watch Out: Selena Gomez Wants To Marry Zac Efron!

Justin has been a doting boyfriend for months but Selena keeps hiding her love for him — and gushes about other guys! We bet Zac’s ex Vanessa Hudgens isn’t very happy!

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Selena Gomez is ready to walk down the aisle, just not to her boyfriend Justin Bieber! The 18-year-old starlet is Seventeen Magazine‘s June cover girl and rather than get giggly about her current relationship, she reveals she’s in love with her BFF Vanessa Hudgen‘s ex-boyfriend — Zac Efron!

When asked if she can relate to the obsession Justin’s fans have for him as a pop idol, she unleashed her dirty little secret!
“Are you kidding me? I’m still thinking Zac [Efron] is my husband,” Selena says, adding “I wouldn’t touch that. I love Vanessa way too much.”
Hmm, this isn’t the first time Selena has fawned all over Zac, 23. She told Popstar in 2009 that she was in love with Zac’s lucious locks!
“I mean all the boys kind of have this swoop going on, but if you’ve noticed lately Zac is doing a 40s look. I love that,” she says. “I really actually like Zac’s hair.”
We wonder if she likes it more than the famous Bieber mop?

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