Liverpool police threatened to arrest Justin Bieber over fears he could incite a riot

JUSTIN Bieber would have been arrested by UK police if he left his Liverpool hotel room to wave to hundreds of screaming fans today TMZ reported. 
The teen pop star was reportedly trapped in his luxury suite earlier today after a legion of screaming ‘Belieblers’ descended on his hotel. The 17-year-old and his entourage were said to have been warned by authorities to stay away from the balcony to greet the gathered "Beliebers” or face being arrested on the spot for inciting a riot.

Police shut down roads leading to the hotel and warned Bieber that it could turn into a "possible riot situation."
"THIS IS CRAZY!...I cant even say hi to my fans outside because of the police," he tweeted.
"Some bull," Bieber Tweeted in a posting that he later deleted.

Eventually, the teen star was given the go-ahead to wave at his admirers from his balcony. He held up his hands to form the shape of a heart, expressing love to the diehards who came out to see him.

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