Justin Bieber's got smelly breath. Poor Selena Gomez!

Selena Gomez probably already knows this, but Justin Bieber DOESN'T BRUSH HIS TEETH!!! Ew.Okay, so Justin Bieber might be only 17, but it just goes to show that no matter how many squillions you have in the bank, teenagers are all the same when it comes to keeping their pearly whites clean.

The teen megastar brought the city of Liverpool to a standstill this week as thousands of screaming schoolgirls set up camp outside his chosen place of residence - the boutique Hard Days Night hotel built in honour of the city's most famous former residents The Beatles.

Hotel staff confirm to Now Justin was perfectly behaved, hiring out the entire fifth floor for his entourage, which included his devoted mum Pattie, and staying in the £750-a-night McCartney suite.

But the most priceless little snippet is that one of the housekeepers overheard Justin getting a right bollocking from his mum Pattie, who bellowed: ‘It's not like I'm asking you to write your own emails, I'm just asking you to brush your teeth!'

[Insert gagging action here]

We suspect his girlfriend Selena Gomez must have a mediocre sense of smell, because we hear the couple are getting more than just hot and heavy, despite their penchant for ‘purity' rings.

After coming clean on their romance at an Oscar bash, the teen lovers were snapped sharing a cosy snog (ew, no tongues, Selena! Trust me, he's got leather jackets on his teeth!) on a shopping spree in Louis Vuitton in Beverly Hills earlier this month (well, where else do 17-year-olds go to shop?).

And while I can't spill all the details of our juicy scoop in next Tuesday's issue of Now, I can tell you Justin's ‘upgraded' Selena's purity ring to something else...

So the question on everyone's lips here at Now towers is whether or not this means their ‘purity' vow has been set aside for more, er, entertaining, um, activities.
I'm not going to speculate any more on this, but I find myself fascinated by the concept of a ‘purity ring'.

Apparently it's a fad that began in the 90s among American Christian groups. And Justin and Selena are not the only ones to wear them.

All three Jonas brothers have worn them, as have Demi Lovato, Hilary Duff and even Derek Hough's sister Julianne. And grubby old Joe Simpson gave his daughter Jessica Simpson a purity ring when she was just 12 - and she remained a virgin until her doomed marriage to Nick Lachey.

Even party animal Miley Cyrus is a fan, saying: ‘I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand. Even at my age, a lot of girls are starting to fall, and I think if abstaining is a commitment girls make, that's great.'

Miley, Hilary, Demi, Selena... I'm beginning to wonder if purity rings are written into Disney contracts. But then who can forget the shock teenage pregnancy of disgraced Disney star Jaime-Lynn Spears. And, of course, her big sister Britney Spears, who used to be a 'pure-ophile' until Justin Timberlake came along.

Beware of young men called Justin, people.

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